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Pedro de Candia (Crete, 1485 - Chupas (Peru), 16 September 1542) was a Greek Condottieri and a naturalized Spanish Conquistador specializing in the use of firearms and artillery. He participated in the conquest of Peru. Later he led an unsuccessful expedition to discover the rumored Kingdom of Amabaya, an El Dorado in the Amazon Basin. He participated in the civil war in Chile and was killed in the Battle of Chupas by Diego de Almagro II who suspected him of treachery. CANDIA, Pedro de, Greek adventurer, born in the island of Crete in the latter part of the 14th century; died in Chupas, Peru, 16 September, 1542. He had served in the Spanish royal guard, and fought in Italy against the Turks, and afterward went to America with Governor Pedro de los Rios. He then accompanied Diego de Almagro and Francisco Pizarro during their first explorations along the coasts of Peru, and when the landing at Tacamez, north of Guayaquil, was effected, he already had command of the artillery.

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